Fitness & Wellness Trainer In Long Island By GPhysique

She has customized an eight week holistic nutrition program based on whole natural foods with no artificial sweeteners or chemicals.  It’s a diet plan calculated from your weight, body fat analysis, and activity level, along with healthy and tasty recipes so you can enjoy what you are eating and have variety.  Plus, 4 follow-up appointments spread over every 2 weeks to monitor your weight and body fat.  Make no mistake about it; this is not your typical diet plan. Janelle emphasizes on not just losing weight but being healthy, sleeping better, feeling better and having a positive mind. She believes that the key to successful weight loss dedication and motivation.

So if you are interested in re-sculpting your body, competing in a bodybuilding/figure competition, weight loss, weight management, looking to get rid of pain, wanting to get stronger, or just overall becoming a healthier person, Janelle is the perfect trainer. Her goal for you is to accomplish your fitness and wellness goals through exercise and holistic nutrition.

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